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File: AuthorName
JournalName 32, 1533-1545 (1999)

History, fun

File: Roger Penrose (2004)
The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe
File: AuthorName
32 1533-1545 (1999)
File: CN Yang interview (2000) 10/27/2002
File: D. Kaiser, American Scientist 93, 156 (2005)
Physics and Feynman's Diagrams.
File: Hans Bethe and Quantum Electrodynamics Physics Today (Oct 2005)
Freeman Dyson
File: The World on a String, Freeman J. Dyson, NY Review of Books 04/26/2004
File: aubin-dahanPubl.pdf 06/12/2004
File: History of Nonlin Dynamics according to, Phil Holmes 04/26/2005


Symbolic dynamics

File: Claudia Wulff, Andreas Hohmannz and Peter Deuflhard, (1995)
Numerical Continuation of Periodic Orbits with Symmetry
File: Gary Froyland,
In Alistair Mees, editor, Nonlinear Dynamics and Statistics:
Proceedings, Newton Institute, Cambridge, 1998, pages 283-324, (Birkhauser, 2001)

Extracting dynamical behaviour via Markov models.
File: Gregor Tanner and Niels Søndergaard, J. Phys. A ? ?? (2007)
Wave chaos in acoustics and elasticity
File: Michael Eisele, J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 32 1533-1545 (1999)
Comparison of several generating partitions of the Hénon map
File: A. Endler and J.A.C. Gallas
"Rational reductions of sums of orbital coordinates for a Hamiltonian repeller",
(draft Jan 2005)
File: A. Endler and J.A.C. Gallas
"Chiral orbits",
(draft Jan 2005)
File: S.D. Pethel, N.J. Corron and E. Bollt
"Symbolic Dynamics of Coupled Map Lattices",
File: F. Christiansen and A. Politi
"Generating partition for the standard map",
Physical Review E, 1995
File: F. Christiansen and A. Politi
"Symbolic encoding in symplectic maps",
Nonlinearity (1996)
File: F. Christiansen and A. Politi
"Guidelines for the construction of a generating partition",
Physica D (1997)
File: L. Jaeger and H. Kantz
"Structure of generating partitions for two-dimensional maps",
J. Phys. A (1997)


Fluid dynamics

File: B. Eckhardt
Advances in Turbulence XII,
Proc. 12th EUROMECH Eur. Turb. Conf., Marburg
(Springer, New York 2009)
File: D. Viswanath
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 367, 561576 (2009)
The critical layer in pipe flow at high {R}eynolds number
File: V. Yakhot and K. R. Sreenivasan
J. Stat. Phys. 121, 823 (2005)
Anomalous scaling of structure functions and dynamic constraints on turbulence simulations
File: J. Schumacher, K. R. Sreenivasan and V. Yakhot
New J. Phys. 9, 89 (2007)
Asymptotic exponents from low-Reynolds-number flows
File: Bailey, S. C. C., Hultmark, M., Schumacher, J., Yakhot, V. and Smits, A. J.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 014502 (2009)
Measurement of local dissipation scales in turbulent pipe flow
File: Balasubramanya T. Nadiga and Benjamin P. Luce
J. Phys. Oceanogr. 31, 2669 (2001)
Global bifurcation of Shilnikov type in a double-gyre ocean model
File: Lukaschuk, S. N. and L'vov, V. S. and Predtechensky, A. A. and Chernykh, A. I.
Laminar-turbulent transition, IUTAM Symposium, Novosibirsk, 1455 (1985)
On the effective space of circular Couette flow and the structure of its attractors
File: Handbook of Experimental Fluids (2007)
Chapter 12. Wall-bounded flows
File: T. Itano and S. C. Generalis
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 114501 (2009)
Hairpin Vortex Solution in Planar Couette Flow: A Tapestry of Knotted Vortices
File: U. Ascher, S. Ruuth, B. Wetton
SIAM J. Num. Anal. 32 , 797--823 (1995)
Implicit-explicit methods for time-dependent partial differential equations
File: N. Aubry, P. Holmes, J. L. Lumley, E. Stone
J. Fluid Mech. 192 , 115--173 (1988)
The dynamics of coherent structures in the wall region of turbulent boundary layer
File: K. H. Bech, N. Tillmark, P. H. Alfredsson, H. I. Andersson
J. Fluid Mech. 286 , 291--325 (1995)
An investigation of turbulent plane Couette flow at low Reynolds numbers
File: S. Berlin and A. Lundbladh and D. Henningson
Phys. Fluids 6 (6) , 1949--1951 (1994)
Spatial simulations of oblique transition in a boundary layer
File: F. Christiansen, P. Cvitanovic, V. Putkaradze
Nonlinearity 10 , 55--70 (1997)
Spatio-temporal chaos in terms of unstable recurrent patterns
File: R. M. Clever and F. H. Busse
J. Fluid Mech. 234 , 511--527 (1992)
Three-dimensional convection in a horizontal layer subjected to constant shear
File: R. M. Clever and F. H. Busse
J. Fluid Mech. 344 , 137--153 (1997)
Tertiary and quaternary solutions for plane Couette flow
File: Y. Duguet, A.P. Willis, and R.R. Kerswell
arXiv:0711.2175 ; J Fluid Mechanics (2007)
Transition in pipe flow: the saddle structure on the boundary of turbulence
File: H. Faisst and B. Eckhardt
Phys. Rev. E 61 (6) , 7227--7230 (2000)
Transition from Couette-Taylor system to plane Couette system
File: H. Faisst and B. Eckhardt
Phys. Rev. Lett. 91 , 224502 (2003)
Traveling waves in pipe flow
File: J. Frank, W. Hundsdorfer, and J.G. Verwer
Appl. Num. Math. 25 , 193--205 (1997)
On the stability of implicit-explicit linear multistep methods
File: J. M. Hamilton, J. Kim, and F. Waleffe
J. Fluid Mech. 287 , 317--348 (1995)
Regeneration mechanisms of near-wall turbulence structures
File: D. Henningson and S. Reddy
Phys. Fluids 6 (3) , 1396--1398 (1994)
On the role of linear mechanisims in transition to turbulence
File: J. Jeong, F. Hussain, W. Schoppa, and J. Kim
J. Fluid Mech. 332 , 185--214 (1997)
Coherent structures near the wall in a turbulent boundary layer
File: J. Jimenez and M. Simens
J. Fluid Mech. 435 , 81--91 (2001)
Low-dimensional dynamics of a turbulent wall flow
File: J. Jimenez, G. Kawahara, M. P. Simens, M. Nagata, and M. Shiba
Phys. Fluids 17 , 015105 (2005)
Characterization of near-wall turbulence in terms of equilibrium and bursting solutions
File: G. Kawahara and S. Kida
J. Fluid Mech. 449 , 291--300 (2001)
Periodic motion embedded in Plane Couette turbulence: regeneration cycle and burst
File: J. Kim, P. Moin, and R. Moser
J. Fluid Mech. 177 , 133-166 (1987)
Turbulence statistics in fully developed channel flow at low Reynolds number
File: S. J. Kline, W. C. Reynolds, F. A. Schraub, and P. W. Rundstadler
J. Fluid Mech. 30 , 741--773 (1967)
The structure of turbulent boundary layers
File: W. Li and M.D. Graham
Phys. Fluids 19 , 083101 (2007)
Polymer induced drag reduction in exact coherent structures of plane Poiseuille flow
File: J.M. Lopez and F. Marques
Physica D 211 , 168--191 (2005)
Finite aspect ratio Taylor-Couette flow: Shil'nikov dynamics of 2-tori
File: A. Meseguer and F. Mellibovsky
Appl. Num. Math. 57 , 920--938 (2007)
On a solenoidal Fourier-Chebyshev spectral method for stability analysis of the Hagen-Poiseuille flow
File: Periodic Orbits and Chaotic Sets in a Low-Dimensional Model for Shear Flows
SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Sys. 4 , 352--376 (2005)
Periodic Orbits and Chaotic Sets in a Low-Dimensional Model for Shear Flows
File: R. Moser, J. Kim, and N.N. Mansour
Phys. Fluids 11 (4) , 943--946 (1999)
Direct numerical simulation of turbulent channel flow up to Re_\tau = 590
File: M. Nagata
J. Fluid Mech. 217 , 519--527 (1990)
Three-dimensional finite-amplitude solutions in plane Couette flow: bifurcation from infinity
File: M. Nagata
Phys. Rev. E 55 (2) , 2023--2025 (1997)
Three-dimensional traveling-wave solutions in plane Couette flow
File: S. K. Robinson
Ann. Rev. of Fluid Mech. 23 , 601--639 (1991)
Coherent motions in the turbulent boundary layer
File: S. K. Robinson
NASA Tech. Report. 103859 , 1--492 (1991)
The Kinematics of turbulent boundary layer structure
File: A. Schmiegel and B. Eckhardt
Phys. Rev. Lett. 79 , 5250 (1997)
Fractal stability border in plane Couette flow
File: T. M. Schneider, B. Eckhardt, and J. Yorke
Phys. Rev. Lett. 99 , 034502 (2007)
Turbulence, transition, and the edge of chaos in pipe flow
File: J. D. Skufca, J. A. Yorke, and B. Eckhardt
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96 , 174101 (2006)
Edge of Chaos in a Parallel Shear Flow
File: H.L. Swinney
Physica D 7 , 3--15 (1983)
Observations of order and chaos in nonlinear systems
File: S. Toh and T. Itano
J. Fluid Mech. v , pp (2000)
A periodic-like solution in channel flow
File: D. Viswanath
In "Mathematics and Computation, a Contemporary View. The Abel Symposium 2006" Springer-Verlag. , (2006)
The dynamics of transition to turbulence in plane Couette flow
File: D. Viswanath
J. Fluid Mech. 580 , 339--358 (2007)
Recurrent motions within plane Couette turbulence
File: On a self-sustaining process in shear flows
Phys. Fluids 9 , 883--900 (1997)
On a self-sustaining process in shear flows
File: F. Waleffe
J. Fluid Mech. 435 , 93--102 (2001)
Exact coherent structures in channel flow
File: F. Waleffe
"Proceedings of the International Symposium on ``Dynamics and Statistics of Coherent Structures in Turbulence: Roles of Elementary Vortices'' , 115--128 (2002)
Exact coherent structures and their instabilities: Toward a dynamical-system theory of shear turbulence
File: F. Waleffe
Phys. Fluids 15 , 1517--1543 (2003)
Homotopy of exact coherent structures in plane shear flow
File: J. Wang, J. F. Gibson, and F. Waleffe
Phys. Rev. Lett. 98 (20) , 15 May 2007
Lower branch coherent states in shear flows: transition and control
File: H. Wedin and R. R. Kerswell
J. Fluid Mech. v , pp (2000)
Exact coherent structures in pipe flow: traveling wave solutions
File: A. Willis and R. R. Kerswell
http://arxiv.org/abs/0712.2739 (2008)
Turbulent dynamics of pipe flow captured in a reduced model: puff relaminarization and localized `edge' states
File: J. Sanchez and M. Net and B. Garcia-Archilla and C. Simo
J. Comput. Physics 201, 13-33 (2004)
Newton-Krylov continuation of periodic orbits for Navier-Stokes flows
File: A. Schmiegel
Transition to turbulence in linearly stable shear flows
Philipps-Universitat Marburg PhD Thesis (1999)
Directory: Osborne Reynolds
An Experimental Investigation of the Circumstances Which Determine Whether the Motion of Water Shall Be Direct or Sinuous, and of the Law of Resistance in Parallel Channels
Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. Ser A (1883)
Directory: Osborne Reynolds
On the dynamical theory of incompressible viscous flows and the determination of the criterion
Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. Ser A (1895)
Directory: X. Leoncini, O. Agullo, M. Muraglia, and C. Chandre
From chaos of lines to Lagrangian structures in flux conservative fields
Eur. Phys. J. B 53, 351360 (2006)
File: B. Eckhardt
Turbulence transition in pipe flow: some open questions
Nonlinearity (2008)
File: Emmanuelle GOUILLART
Etude de ladvection chaotique dans des melangeurs `a tiges, en ecoulements ouverts et fermes
PhD thesis on mixing, in English (2007)
Directory: Mathur, Haller, Peacock, Ruppert-Felsot, and Swinney,
Uncovering the Lagrangian Skeleton of Turbulence
Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 144502 (2007)
Directory: Tobias M. Schneider, Bruno Eckhardt, and Jurgen Vollmer,
Statistical analysis of coherent structures in transitional pipe flow,
Phys. Rev. E 75, (2007)
File: A mathematical example displaying features of turbulence
E. Hopf
Commun. Appl. Math. 1 (1948), 303-322.
File: PhysToday, PipeTurbulence 03/07/2004
File: Woods Hole seminar, exact coherent structures
F. Waleffe
File: Spherical car - how many Mach?
C. Doering
File: SIAM DS05 plenary talk
C. Doering
File: Turbulence in a pipe - review
R.R. Kerswell
Nonlinearity 2005
File: BEshearflow_dyn.pdf 05/06/2004
File: Moehlis, Feist and Eckhardt
A low-dimensional model for turbulent shear flows
File: On a Proof by Petrov of the Stability of Plane Couette Flow and Plane Poiseuille Flow,
A. P. Gallagher
SIAM J. Appl. Math. 17
File: Eyink and Srinivasan on Onsager RMP 2005 10/06/2004
Directory: Busse, Science 305, 1574 09/12/2004
Directory: Hof et al., Science 305, 1594 09/12/2004
File: HolmesCouette02.pdf 05/17/2004
File: HolmesCouette03.pdf 05/17/2004
File: JohnstonExplPress.pdf 03/27/2004
File: S. Ansumali, I. V. Karlin and H. C. Ottinger
Thermodynamic theory of incompressible hydrodynamics
File: Continuum Mechanics in Physics Education, Jerry Gollub
Physics Today
Dec 2003
File: Let's Revive the Study of Fluids, Ben J. Korgen
Physics Today
Nov 2004



File: P. J. Morrison and J. D. Meiss and J. R. Cary
Physica D 11, 324--336 (1984)
Scattering of regularized-long-wave solitary waves
File: Johnson, Jolly & Kevrekidis
Int. J. Bifur. Chaos 11, 1-18 (2001)
The Oseberg transition: visualization of global bifurcations for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
File: Brown and Kevrekidis (1996)
Modulated traveling waves for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
File: Giacomelli and Otto (2005)
New bounds for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
File: A Cheskidov, C Foias - Physica D, 2001
On the non-homogeneous stationary KuramotoSivashinsky equation
File: Michelson (1986)
Steady solutions of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
File: Greene and Kim (1988)
The steady states of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
File: Tsvelodub and Trifonov (1989)
On steady state travelling solutions of an evolution equation describing the behaviour of disturbances in active dissipative media
File: Kevrekidis, Nicolaenko and Scovel (1990)
Back in the Saddle Again: A Computer Assisted Study of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
File: Krupa (1990)
Bifurcations of Relative Equilibria


Flows, dynamical systems

File: A. Pikovsky
Lyapunov analysis from theory to geophysical applications, www.iscpif.fr
An introduction to Lyapunov analysis
File: F. Ginelli
Lyapunov analysis from theory to geophysical applications, www.iscpif.fr
Characterizing dynamics with covariant Lyapunov vectors
File: A. Trevisan and O. Talagrand
Lyapunov analysis from theory to geophysical applications, www.iscpif.fr
On the existence of an optimal subspace dimension for 4DVar
File: Wolfe, C. L. and Samelson, R. M.
Tellus A 59, 355--366 (2007)
An efficient method for recovering Lyapunov vectors from singular vectors
File: Kalnay, E. and Corazza, M. and Cai, M.
EGS XXVII General Assembly, Nice (21-26 April 2002)
Are bred vectors the same as Lyapunov vectors?
File: Trevisan, A. and Pancotti, F.
J. Atmos. Sci. 55, 390 (1998)
Periodic orbits, Lyapunov vectors, and singular vectors in the Lorenz system
File: D. Pazo and I. G. Szendro and J. M. Lopez and M. A. Rodriguez
Phys. Rev. E 78, 016209 (2008)
Structure of characteristic Lyapunov vectors in spatiotemporal chaos



File: OnsagMachlup53a.pdf 02/16/2004
File: OnsagMachlup53b.pdf 02/16/2004
File: Julien Tailleuer
Grandes deviations, physique statistique et systemes dynamiques
PhD Thesis with J. Kurchan, in French (Nov 2007)
File: H.C. Fogedby and M.H. Jensen
"Weak noise approach to the logistic map",
J. Stat. Phys. (2005)
File: H.C. Fogedby
"Localized growth modes, dynamic textures, and
upper critical dimension for the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang eq.",
Letter (2005)
File: Fox
"Fokker-Planck" (1986)
File: Takada ref to Hermite polynomials and noise (2001) 02/18/2004
File: Visserspade
Effective action for stochastic PDEs



File: Teaching the renormalization group
H.J. Maris and L.P. Kadanoff,
Am. J. Phys., 46, 652 (1978)
File: S. N. Coppersmith
A simpler derivation of Feigenbaum's renormalization group equation,
Am. J. Phys., 67, 52 (1999).



File: Jackson Pollock - Fractals, New York Times 12/02/2006
File: Prellberg 2002 10/06/2004
File: Prellberg Dissertaion 10/06/2004
File: Prellberg Slawny 1992 10/06/2004
File: Dodds thesis, Farey map 10/06/2004
File: Dodds thesis, thermodynamic formalism 10/06/2004
File: Circle map metal means renormalization, M. Yampolinsky 10/06/2004


Group theory

File: R. G. Littlejohn and M. Reinsch
Rev. Mod. Phys. 69, 213--275 (1997)
Gauge fields in the separation of rotations and internal motions in the n-body problem
File: G. Haller and I. Mezic
Nonlinearity 11, 319--339 (1999)
Reduction of three-dimensional, volume-preserving flows with symmetry
File: V. N. Biktashev, A. V. Holden and E. V. Nikolaev
Int. J. Bifur. Chaos 6, 2433--2440 (1996)
Spiral wave meander and symmetry of the plane
File: Israel Kleiner
The Evolution of Group Theory: A Brief Survey
Mathematics Magazine 59 (1986), pp. 195-215.
File: Michael Field
Dynamics and Symmetry,
400 pages on equvariance - tough going but possibly rewarding
File: J.-Q. Chen, J. Ping and F. Wang
Group Representation Theory for Physicists,
Sect 5.2 Lie groups
File: M. Tinkham
Group Theory,
Chapter 2 Abstract Group Theory
File: B. Lahme and R. Miranda
KarhunenLo`eve Decomposition in the Presence of SymmetryPart I,
File: R. Miranda and E. Stone
The proto-Lorenz system,
Phys. Let. A 178, 105
File: Robert Gilmore and Christophe Letellier
The Symmetry of Chaos
(Oxford U Press) -- 102MB (!)
File: C. Letellier and R. Gilmore
Covering dynamical systems: Two-fold covers,
Phys. Rev. E 63, 016206
File: S C Creagh et al
Semiclassical Trace Formulas in the Presence of Continuous Symmetries,
Phys. Rev. A 44, 836
File: S C Creagh et al
"Semiclassical trace formulae for systems with non-Abelian symmetry",
Phys. A 25 1643-1669
File: S C Creagh
Semiclassical mechanics of symmetry reduction,
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 26 95-118
File: S. Pal and D. Biswas
Symmetry reduction and semiclassical analysis of axially symmetric systems,
Phys. Rev. E 57, 1475
File: R. Cassanas
"Reduced Gutzwiller formula with symmetry: Case of a finite group",
J. Math. Phys. 47, 042102 (2006); math-ph/0506063
File: R. Cassanas
"Reduced Gutzwiller formula with symmetry: Case of a Lie group",
math-ph/0509014 (Creagh93 mathematized beyond recongnition)
File: V. Guillemin and A. Uribe
"Circular symmetry and the trace formula",
Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. 84, 7799 (1987); Invent. Math. 96, 385 (1989); J. Diff. Geom. 32, 315 (1990).
File: A. Chenciner
"Symmetries and `simple' solutions of the classical $N$-body problem",
in Proceedings ICMP03
File: W.G. Harter
"Algebraic Theory of Ray Representations of Finite Groups,"
J. Math. Phys. 10, 739-752 (1969)
the next paper seems more interesting as far as construction of projection operators goes
File: W.G. Harter and N. Dos Santos
"Double-group theory on the half-shell and the two-level system. I. Rotation and half-integral spin states,",
Am. J. Phys. 46, 251 (1978)
In the appendices Harter summarizes clearly projections operators and their relation to characters for fintie groups
File: Jack Hall
"Character theory of compact Lie groups",
(thesis, Mathematics, U. of New South Wales)
File: D. Armbruster, J. Guckenheimer, P. Holmes
"Heteroclinic cycles and modulated travelling waves in systems with O(2) symmetry,"
Physica D 29, 257 (1988)
File: D. Armbruster, J. Guckenheimer, P. Holmes
"Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Dynamics on the Center-Unstable manifold,"
SIAM J. Appl. Math. 49, 676 (1989)


Field theory

File: Srednicki
Quantum Field Theory,
(textbook, Cambridge U Press 2006)
File: A. Zee
Attraction/repulsion from free field action,
(textbook excerpts)
File: W. Greiner
Dirac equation,
(textbook excerpts)
File: A. Zee
"Electron Magnetic Moment",
(textbook excerpts)
File: A. Zee
Large N theories,
(textbook excerpts)


Quantum Mechanics

File: VanVleck28.pdf 02/16/2004
File: WignerDelay55.pdf 03/21/2002
File: SmithDelay60.pdf 03/21/2002


Partially hyperbolic tori

H W Broer, A Hagen and G Vegter
Numerical continuation of normally hyperbolic invariant manifolds
Nonlinearity 20 1499-1534

S. V. Bolotin and D. V. Treschev. Remarks on the definition of hyperbolic tori of hamiltonian systems. Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 5(4):401-412, 2000.
H. T. Kook and J. D. Meiss. Periodic-orbits for reversible, symplectic mappings. Phys. D, 35(1-2):65-86, 1989.
P. Lochak. Hamiltonian perturbation theory: Periodic orbits, resonances and intermittency. Nonlinearity, 6:885-904, 1993.
R. S. MacKay and J. D. Meiss. Cantori for symplectic maps near the anti-integrable limit. Nonlinearity, 5:149-160, 1992.
J. D. Meiss. Symplectic maps, variational principles, and transport. Rev. Mod. Phys., 64(3):795-848, 1992.
J. Pöschel. On elliptic lower dimensional tori in hamiltonian systems. Math. Zei., 202(4):559, 1989.
D. V. Treschev. The mechanism of destruction of resonance tori of hamiltonian systems. Math. USSR Sbornik, 68(1):181-203, 1991.
D. V. Treschev. Hyperbolic tori and asymptotic surfaces in hamiltonian systems. Russian J. of Math. Physics, 1:93-110, 1994.
D. V. Treschev. Evolution of slow variables in a priori unstable Hamiltonian systems. SomeArchive171942, 2002?



File: MezicKoopman04.pdf 06/16/2004
File: MezicKoopmanFeb2304.pdf 03/31/2004
File: Hinrichs et al (1998)
On the modelling of friction oscillators
File: schmelcher.pdf 05/25/2004
File: Muratore Physics Report - Trace Formula
File: Zworski Zeta 05/25/2004
File: Masuo Suzuki
"General theory of fractal path integrals with applications to many-body theories and statistical physics ",
J. Math. Phys. 32, 400 (1991)
File: Lyapunov instability in a system of hard disks in equilibrium and nonequilibrium steady states, Ch. Dellago et al. 12/22/2004
File: Relativistic Chaos is Coordinate Invariant
Adilson E. Motter Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 231101 (2003)

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