turbulence in spacetime


pdf P Cvitanović
Are clouds supercomputers in the sky?
overheads (March 4, 2021 Mathematics Colloquium, The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook, NY - 55 min talk)
pdf P Cvitanović
Spatiotemporal cat : a chaotic field theory
overheads (December 16, 2020 Mathematical Physics Webinar, Rutgers University - 55 min talk)
pdf Matthew N. Gudorf
Spatiotemporal tiling of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky system
thesis (November 20, 2020 - 1 hour talk) Georgia Tech thesis repository link
pdf P Cvitanović
Herding cats : a chaotic field theory
overheads (September 25, 2020 ITS Symposium on Chaos and Quantum Field Theory - 1 hour talk) | abstract | video (XXX)
YouTube P Cvitanović and M Gudorf
A spatiotemporal theory of turbulence - computational challenges
overheads (October 12, 2020 Intern. Conf. Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond CSP2020, Moscow - plenary talk)
pdf P Cvitanović and H Liang
Herding cats : a chaotic field theory
overheads (July 2020) | video (similar to 2020 APS below, but 1h long)
pdf P Cvitanović, H Liang and M N Gudorf
Is space time? a spatiotemporal tiling of turbulence
overheads (March 2, 2020 APS March Meeting - 30 min talk)
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Chapter - Spatiotemporal cat map

pdf Han Liang and Predrag Cvitanović
A chaotic lattice field theory in one dimension
rough draft , (November 2021)
Our approach to time-reversal invaraince, with an unexpected zeta function.
pdf Predrag Cvitanović and Han Liang
Spatiotemporal cat: A chaotic field theory
rough draft , (September 2020)
Our spacetime discretized model field theory, 3rd millennium formulation.
pdf B Gutkin, P Cvitanović, R Jafari, A K Saremi and L Han
Linear encoding of the spatiotemporal cat map
Nonlinearity 34, 2800--2836 (2021)
[ arXiv:1912.02940 | DOI ]
Our spacetime discretized model field theory, pre-1969 Soviet style approach.

Predrag Cvitanović and Han Liang
Chaotic field theory slides (September 2021)
[why? | Bernoulli | cat | spatiotemporal cat | time reversal | Hill's formula | time is dead ]
Seminar Spatiotemporal cat map blog (nov 2021) Working notes -very rough, read at your own risk, with many literature pointers- on our elegant, analytically soluble baby model of a spatiotemporally discretized chaotic field theory, on the Ising model / Ihara zeta functions literature of potential relevance to the spatiotemporal reformulation of turbulent field theories. There are many promising directions to ponder here.

Chapter - Spatiotemporal theory of turbulence

Seminar Spatiotemporal blog (dec 2017)
Working notes -very rough, read at your own risk, but with lots of literature pointers- on how to recast finding invariant solutions of the 1D Kuramoto-Sivashinsky PDE into the problem of finding spatio-temporal fixed point solutions. The point is that we have give up on finding invariant solutions by forward integration in time from specified intial conditions - instead, we have to develop variational methods to multiply-periodic solutions in spacetime. In particular, it would be very nice if someone writes a working spatiotemporal solver and runs it on some higly parallelized machine.

Chaotic Field Theory

Predrag Cvitanović
Chaotic Field Theory: a sketch,
Physica A 288 , 61 (2000) [ arXiv:nlin.CD/0001034 | DOI | NSF review panel critique ]