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Chaos: Classical and Quantum - theses

Habilitation theses

Periodic Orbit Theory in Classical and Quantum Mechanics
Gábor Vattay (Doctoral Thesis, in Hungarian, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2003)
Quantum Mechanics and Semiclassics of Hyperbolic n-Disk Scattering Systems
Andreas Wirzba (Habilitationsschrift 1997)

Ph.D. theses

Spatiotemporal tiling of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky system
Matthew N. Gudorf (2020) [ Georgia Tech thesis repository link | video video ]
Geometry of inertial manifolds in nonlinear dissipative dynamical systems
Xing Ding (2017) - [Georgia Tech thesis repository link]
Exact coherent structures in spatiotemporal chaos: From qualitative description to quantitative predictions
Nazmi Burak Budanur (2016) - [Georgia Tech thesis repository link]
How well can one resolve the state space of a chaotic map?
Domenico Lippolis (2010) - [Georgia Tech thesis repository link]
Recurrent spatio-temporal structures in presence of continuous symmetries
Evangelos Siminos (2009) - [Georgia Tech thesis repository link]
Charting the state space of plane Couette flow: Equilibria, relative equilibria, and heteroclinic connections
Jonathan Halcrow (2008) - [Georgia Tech thesis repository link]
Chaotic scattering in Rydberg atoms, trapping in molecules
Rytis Paškauskas (2007) - [Georgia Tech thesis repository link]
Dynamical systems approach to 1-d spatiotemporal chaos - A cyclist's view
Yueheng Lan (2004) - [Georgia Tech thesis repository link]
Wave chaos in elastodynamic scattering
Niels Søndergaard (2000)
Local structures in extended systems
Vachtang Putkaradze (1997)
Generalized Markov coarse graining and the observables of chaos
Donal MacKernan (1997)
Periodic orbit theory beyond semiclassics: convergence, diffraction and h-bar corrections
Per Rosenqvist (1995)
Symbolic dynamics in chaotic systems
Kai T. Hansen (1993)

Master theses

Periodic orbit theory applied to acoustics
Niels Søndergaard (1996)

projectsopen projects course outlines