Vachtang Putkaradze

Local Structures in Extended Systems

Ph. D. Thesis, Niels Bohr Institute 1997

Table of contents; General Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction to the boundary layer method

Chapter 2: Circular hydraulic jump

Chapter 3: Waves running down an inclined plane

Chapter 4: Averaging theory for the structure of hydraulic jumps and separation in laminar free surface flows

(Co-autors: Tomas Bohr and Shinya Watanabe, submitted to PRL)

Chapter 5: Flow in an expanding channel

Chapter 6: Introduction to "Global estimates ..."

Chapter 7: "Global estimates and shocks in the noiseless conserved KPZ equation"

(Co-authors: Tomas Bohr and Joachim Krug, Nonlinearity 10, 4 (1997) )

Chapter 8: "Introduction to "Spatiotemporal chaos..."

Chapter 9: "Hopf's last hope: Spatiotemporal chaos in terms of spatiotemporal recurrent patterns"

(Co-authors: P. Cvitanovic' and F. Christiansen, Nonlinearity 10, 1 (1997))