Updated 14 sep 2000


Mogens H. Jensen, director, CATS/NBI hosts the workshop. Dorte is the workshop secretary.

Predrag arrives 07:40 am monday 18 sept, leaves for Chicago sunday 10:40 am 24 sept. economy fare Chicago-Cphg-Chicago. (Predrag's travel plans)
Ronnie arrives saturday 16 sept (via NYC and Frankfurt) to Copenhagen 09:45, leaves for New York Sunday 24 Sep at 2PM. Needs economy fare NY-Cphg-NY. Stays in Hotel Predrag.
Gregor arrives friday 15th of September (around 5 pm) and will be leaving on the 19th at 15:55. Needs economy fare Nottingham-Cphg-Nottingham. Stays in Hotel Glass.
Gabor arrives saturday 16 sept around 10-10:30, leaves for Budapest tuesday 19 sept around 18-18:30:
MA 750 K 16SEP SZO BUD CPH 0715 0910
MA 753 K 19SEP KE CPH BUD 2035 2225
Needs economy fare Budapest-Cphg-Budapest. Stays in 9 Smaa Hjem.
Roberto arrives saturday 16 sept at 14:15 and leaves for Milano saturday 23 sept. Needs economy fare Milano-Cphg-Milano. Stays in Hotel Predrag.
Andreas arrives monday 12 sept, leaves friday 22 sept. Needs economy fare ?-Cphg-?. Stays in in a new economy hotel on Ryesgade.
Freddy takes week off space games, joins the workshop monday 16 sept to friday 23 sept.

"excusatio non petita accusatio manifesta"

Per has limited time arrives morning wed 20 sept, leaves for Stockholm evening friday 22 sept. (Precise time not fixed yet.) Needs economy fare Stockholm-Cphg-Stockholm. Stays in 9 Smaa Hjem.
Hans Henrik has no time to work on the project now.
Niall cannot come to Copenhagen.
Kai is off the project.

Predrag Cvitanovic', predrag@nbi.dk