Spanwise cross-sections of equilibrium solutions

Streamwise averaged spanwise cross-section - uaver(y,z) color-coded,  [v,w](y,z) quivers -
reveals several kinds of equilibria. For example, at Re=400:         (except for EQ6 at Re=330)

Nagata uUB (upper branch) uEQ6 (upper branch)  
[newbie equilibrium] [newbie #2 equilibrium]  
[newbie equilibrium] [newbie #2 equilibrium]  
Nagata uLB (lower branch) uEQ5 (lower branch)  

The turbulence arises through the interplay of such states with different numbers of rolls and streaks.

A. Schmiegel, "Transition to turbulence in linearly stable shear flows" (Philipps-Universitat Marburg Ph.D. Thesis 1999)
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