Control of cardiac tissue

We propose to suppress cardiac arrhythmias in a gentle manner by using a finite repertoire of pre-computed exact solutions of cardiac tissues in order to nudge the heart dynamics in desired direction.

The approach is inspired by the recent progress in the dynamical description of transitional (moderate Reynolds number) turbulence in fluids, where we have novel visualizations of complex, high-dimensional numerical and experimental data. Here numerically exact, non-perturbative solutions (equilibria, traveling waves, periodic orbits, ...) of Navier-Stokes partial differential equations triangulate the infinite-dimensional Navier-Stokes state space (no low-dimensional models!). These solutions and their inter-relations are more profitably visualized in the infinite-dimensional state space than as fields over 3-dimensional configuration space.

The approach is also easiest to explain in the context of fluid dynamics, and that's why you should go through this tutorial.