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Mathematical Methods of Physics
Georgia Tech     online PHYS 6124    

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Predrag Cvitanović     
predrag dot cvitanovic snail physics dot gatech dot edu
Guest lectures by Sara A Solla and Ignacio Taboada
This is an idiosyncratic, but modern course, math methods as used in research, described in video An ode in 15 stanzas - that complements ChaosBook online course, is intended to provide a graduate student with basic tools needed to tackle modern problems, `big data' problems in extreme dimensions, such as fluids or neuroscience: linear algebra, ODEs, discretizations, Fourier theory, discrete and continuous symmetries, probability, statistics, and chaos.
Online course
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Videos are in YouTube playlist `Math Methods - GaTech PHYS-6124'.
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Course has no auto- or human grader. If you send us solutions that you are proud of (LaTeX source, please), we will be grateful, and might give you extra credit :)
Course notes, all in one file. They are not a stand-alone textbook, they make sense only in the context of online lectures. (version of Nov 25 2020)

There is no assigned textbook for the course. If you need a reference, consult:
G. B. Arfken, H. J. Weber and F. E. Harris, Mathematical Methods for Physicists, 7th Edition: A Comprehensive Guide (Academic Press, San Diego 2013), ISBN: 9780123846549.

Paul Goldbart's list of mathematical methods references
Does she?
* Dunno. We never got to Maupertius's variational principle.