Is statistical mechanics a prerequisite?

Jens J Jensen writes:

I have not taken a class in statistical mechanics and I would like to know if you think that I can take the class. I have taken a class in nonlinear dynamics.

Predrag's answer:

Have a look at the book - do not print it out (another tree in Amazon going down!), it is easier to read the hyperlinked version on line.

Exposure to nonlinear dynamics helps a great deal. As to stat mech, maybe it works in reverse - if you learn this stuff, it is easier to learn stat mech later on? Number of chapters have stat mech flavor, but the book is meant to be self-contained - every single thing that is used is derived in the book, only when you do a project will you need to branch out to other literature.

I have taught from this book roughly every second year, and it is amusing who does well - once the best out of 30 was the sole undergraduate student. And some of the ChaosBook/projects turned out just wonderful.