But the power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy, except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous. —Gibbon


  • Nonlinear Dynamics 1: Geometry of Chaos is an on-demand online course, consisting of 8 weeks of ChaosBook reading, video lectures, homeworks, and forum discussions. We will be very happy if you join us online on 11 January 2022, or at any later starting date.
  • View "Welcome to Spring 2022 course" to see how the course works.
  • This course is also a "hands-on" course in Python coding.
  • Many of the homework assignments require computer programming. While you are free to use any computational tool that you are comfortable with, when writing your own code do read the comments in assignment's Python script template - they suplement the exercise text.
  • We urge you to form a collaborative team on piazza and discuss the course and homework with your teammates (but not share or post the answers to homeworks).
  • Your course grade will be based on your performance in 7 online homework assignments. There are no exams in this course.
  • Homeworks are on line and due latest 18:00 UTC time, on the Tuesday two weeks after the start date (but before the hard deadline).
  • You are expected to complete the first 7 homeworks. HW8 earns you bonus points; so even if you miss out on - let's say HW7- you still can get a nice total score for the course :)
  • The hard deadline (see Late Submission Policy below) is 18:00 UTC time, 8 March 2022

Course grade

will be calculated from your performance in the homework assignments:
  • Each homework will contribute equally to the final score.
  • You may attempt each assignments up to 3 times, until the hard deadline. The maximum score from your attempts will be your score for the assignment. Here is an example of the grade you get if your submission was successful (alert us on piazza about possible bugs)
  • Your final course grade will be the average of all your assignments scores.

Online quirks

  • If autograder is misinterpreting your entries, switch to the latest version of Chrome browser.
  • If autogader is malfunctioning (or not functioning at all), describe the problem in the piazza forum.

Late submissions

  • Homework submissions after the due date but before the hard deadline (18:00 UTC time, 8 March 2022) are graded with a 25% late submission penalty.

Statement of Accomplishment

  • If your final course grade is > 60% of the maximum possible course grade, we can prepare for you an instructor-signed course completion certificate.

So, while you are expected to work hard, it will all be for the love of learning. Give it a go, use the forums to collaborate with other students, and good luck!