Chaotic Cascades for D-branes

Project: analyze ref. [2] sects. 4.2.1, 4.2.2 "Poincare Orbits" dynamics (fixed points cyles, their stabilities, etc.)

Do not necessarily delve into the underlying D-brane theory - just analyse the equations and reflection conditions as given.

Whenever one of the inverse couplings vanishes, all 4 are mirrored by Seiberg duality, and then the flow proceeds as after a billiard reflection. Inbetween duality refections, flow is a constant velocity flow.

Constraint equation (2.13) implies the sum of velocities is constant, so one of the inverse couplings in (2.14) can be eliminated)

Velocities are given by (4.4) - note their sum is zero.

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Predrag Feb 18 2005