CHAOS - CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM: nonlinear courses available on the Web

Courses based on Steven H. Strogatz: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
NU Physics D60 - Introduction to nonlinear dynamics and chaos, P. Cvitanovic', Northwestern U. (spring 1999)
Introductory nonlinear dynamics, by M. Brøns and T. Bohr, DTU, Copenhagen (fall 1998)
Chaos and Dynamical Systems, NYU Courant Institute course v63.0264
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems California Polytechnic State University Math/Phys 417x
Dynamical Systems Simon Fraser University Math 467
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, K.A. Julien, Colorado (fall 1998).
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, J. Meiss, Colorado (fall 1995). Problem sets.
Math/Phys 417x: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, California Polytechnic State U.
MATH 440 - Mathematical Modeling, B. Bradie, Christopher Newport University
PH3160 Non-Linear Phenomena and Chaos, Mike Wilson
Dynamical Systems, Columbia Univ. Math V3030
Applied nonlinear differential equations, Navy Academy SM485A
P. Cvitanovic' list of projects
J Meiss' list of projects
Courses on complex dynamics, differential equations
List of complex courses
Classical and quantum chaos - course notes, continuously updated (Cvitanovic et al)
Computer Physics (NBIfAFG 3rd year course), with very extensive set of lecture notes and programs in IDL, fortran and mathematica.
Mini-course on Modelling Micro-Evolution, Adam Prugel-Bennett, May 1996
Ito calculus - M.J. Feigenbaum course on stochastic integration, notes by Adam Prugel-Bennett, June 1995
Resources for a Modern Differential Equations Course, H.J. Ricardo
U Michigan
Weiss - Penn State
C Collins
G Kovac
PH3160 Non-Linear Phenomena and Chaos, M. Wilson, Royal Holloway, University of London.
MAGN 498/510: Dynamical Systems/Ordinary Differential Equations, E. Erik Van Vleck, Colorado School of Mines
Visualization of dynamical systems
Nonlinear Lab
Physics 251: Chaos, Complexity and Computation (java applets based course), S. Coppersmith et al., U. Chicago (fall 1998)
IDE - Gettysburg
IDE - list of books
J Fink - Gettysburg
Books on diff eqs
Reference sources
CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics
CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics - index
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