PHYS 6124 videos : week 6

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September 22
video The essence of complex : full Tuesday lecture
Taylor, Laurent series; residue calculus part 1 (version of Sep 22, 2020)

September 24
video Calculus of residues : full Thursday lecture
A fex integrals, evaluated by Cauchy contours (version of Sep 24, 2020)

September 22
video Spatiotemporal cat
and the end of time - rant (version of Sep 22, 2020)

September 22
video Wolfram rant
The wunderkid vs. Gradshteyn and Ryzhik; opinions of blackest reactionary professor on graduate educations (the kids are OK). Click on this at your own risk - 30 minutes! Absolutely no science. (version of Sep 22, 2020)

September 24
video The meaning of the things complex rant
Listen to this at your own risk. The power of visual thinking; Data and dimension reduction; AI, hype and morality (version of Sep 24, 2020)