Feb 14, 2005, version 3.3

a cyclist tour

Predrag Cvitanovic'

Quantum Field Theory - a cyclist tour notes
Relax by reading Classics Illustrated, diagrammatic, Predragian vision of field theory. The exposition assumes no prior knowledge of anything (other than Taylor expansion of an exponential, taking derivatives, and inate knack for doodling). The techniques covered apply to QFT, Stat Mech and stochastic processes.

  1. Feynman's Formulation of Quantum Field Theory
  2. QM Amplitudes as a Sum over Paths
  3. Path integrals, and all that jazz.
  4. Schwinger/Feynman Formulation of Field Theory
  5. Fermions
  6. Renormalization
  7. Peskin: Sect 7.2 - LSZ reduction, 7.4 Ward-Takahashi indentities
  8. Predrag's chapter 6 exercise 6.A.1: QED Ward identity
  9. Non-Abelian Gauge Invariance
  10. Renormalization Group
  11. Quantum Chromodynamics

The notes are preliminary and in constant flux; it is probably wisest to first browse a chapter of possible interest with a previewer, before deciding to print anything.
The author is grateful for any comments, corrections, etc., sent to predrag@nbi.dk.