CHAOS: CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM - why stable? unstable?

a proofread edition of ChaosBook, labeled by a single integer, like `version 12,' and kept frozen until the next major rewrite is completed
continuously updated, labeled by something like `version 13.3.1' (this, and the date of the last edit appear in the footer of the each page of the text). Includes the newest material, but not cross-checked for missing links, references, etc.. You might prefer reading the stable edition.
suitable for printing on paper (icons explained)
more convenient for on-screen reading; a click moves you to the formula refered to, or an arXiv preprint. Printing the entire book will take down a tree in the Amazon.
formated as a textbook, but hyperlinks do not work as yet
older versions
useful if a publication refers to an earlier version; chapters tend to be renumbered form version to version
In publications and correspondence with authors, please cite the latest stable edition
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