How to add literature references to this book:
The textbook is self-contained - all the material introduced in the text is also explained in the text. References to the literature, both the original sources, and articles in which the material is developed in more depth and detail, are collected the Commentary section at the end of each chapter. Authors are grateful for further literature references, both to your own work, and to the work of others.
Edit an existing Remark (or write a new one) explaining how the suggested references relate to the material in the book.
Indicate the remark number, the page number and the stable version that your edit is referring to.
References are formated in Physical Review style, see APS style manual. For example,
Citing a book:
\bibitem{ott} E. Ott, {\em Chaos in Dynamical Systems}
(Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge 1993).
Citing an article:
\bibitem{CCP96} F. Christiansen, P. Cvitanovi\'c and V. Putkaradze,
``Spatiotemporal chaos in terms of unstable recurrent patterns,''
{\em Nonlinearity \bf 10}, 55 (1997); \\
{\tt \href{}{chao-dyn/9606016}}
The book uses BibTeX style bibliography; email either the \bibitem or the BibTeX entry, or both.
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