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In preparation; unpublished preprints
Turbulent pipe flow as a guided tour along the neighborhoods of relative periodic orbits (with A.P. Willis, M. Farazmand, K.Y. Short and N.B. Budanur), in preparation, to be submitted to J. Fluid Mech.
Turbulent Kuramoto-Sivashinsky system recycled (with N.B. Budanur and X. Ding), in preparation
Determination of the physical dimension of a dissipative system by periodic orbits (with X. Ding, K.A. Takeuchi, E. Siminos, and H. Chaté), in preparation
Perturbation theory in noisy chaos (with J.M. Heninger and D. Lippolis), in preparation, to be submitted to Comm. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simul.
A brief life and death of a torus: computation of quasiperiodic solutions to the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation (with A. Fox), in preparation
Slice a heart to keep it ticking: Dreams Of Grand Schemes (with R.O. Grigoriev), in preparation
Periodic orbits of plane Couette flow (with J.F. Gibson), in preparation
Continuous symmetry reduced trace formulas, in preparation
Topological partitioning of escape dynamics in planar Crossed Fields problem (with R. Paskauskas), in preparation
Partially hyperbolic two dimensional invariant tori in three degree of freedom Hamiltonian systems (with R. Paskauskas), in preparation
Steady fast kinematic dynamos: the topological entropy bound and the effect of magnetic field diffusion (with E. Ott), in preparation
Periodic orbit theory of chaotic tunneling (with O. Sigwarth, S. Creagh and N. Whelan), in preparation
Symbolic dynamics and Markov partitions for the stadium billiard (with K.T. Hansen), J. Stat. Phys., (accepted 1996, revised version still not resubmitted);
Periodic orbit expansions for power spectra of chaotic systems (with A.S. Pikovsky and M.J. Feigenbaum), Rockefeller Univ. preprint (Oct. 1993)
Classical and exceptional Lie algebras as invariance algebras, Oxford preprint 40/77 (June, 1977) (unpublished)
More on microcanonical paradigm, (with M.J. Feigenbaum, for D. Bensimon, T.C. Halsey, M.H. Jensen, L.P. Kadanoff, A. Libchaber, I. Procaccia, B.I. Shraiman and J. Stavans), (Göteborg 17 Nov. 1985), rejected from every proceedings submitted to.

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